Here you can confess your unpopular opinions, an opinion you want to express or simply something you wished or wanted to happen or not to happen, about the TV show Friday Night Lights.
In order to participate and write your confession, just drop it in our ASK BOX, anonymously.

Make sure to read our Rules & checks the TAGS before submitting anything. Enjoy!

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1) Bashing or hating confessions, for the sake of hate, will not be posted.
2) We’ll post ship confession, whether you hate or love this ship but in case you’re hating, be more clear about the reason, not simply just ” I hate this ship full stop”, and at the same time not too much hate or offensive posts we don’t want to create ship wars here.
3) Bashing actors/writers is not allowed. You can criticize but if we see it’s crossing the line and turning into an insult, we will not post it.
4) Attacks/insults on fan bases won’t be posted.
5) Duplicate submission carrying the same meaning over and over again, will not be posted. We want to keep the submissions new and interesting. Be creative
6) Please don’t send MULTIPLE confessions in one message. It will be ignored.
7)We’ll try to post your confessions regularly as soon as we receive them.

We’ll update this page once we feel there is something needed to be added.

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